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Hi Davey the clown,

A friend of mine just sent me a message on facebook asking for the “name of that clown you had at your party.” That clown was you, Davey, and that party she is referring to was 2 years ago for my daughter Eden’s 5th birthday party. She is now 7 and your show is still the talk of the town!!!! What an amazing party it was. Even the adults were completely mesmerized, and the balloon creations, to this day I have not seen more elaborate hats, swords, and animals made at a children’s party. Way to go Davey! It was two years ago but I can still see the looks on the kids faces and hear the sounds of the laughter and your accordion in my head. Thanks for a great party and a lasting memory!

- Catrice C., a satisfied parent from Arlington, MA



I was the photographer for East Somerville Main Streets' Carnaval event on June 3, 2012. It was my job to photograph as much of the event as possible (stretching several blocks). When I got to Davey The Clown's performance, it was really hard to leave!! He did an amazing job at entertaining both the kids and the adults! Without doubt, watching Davey was the highlight of my day! The kids were more excited and engaged there than they were anywhere else at the event, and it was just a delight to photograph so many happy people all in one place! I wish I could have just hung out around Davey all day, but I had other things to shoot. At one point during his show, I overheard one of the parents comment to another, "Wow, these kids are just eating this up!" That's when I leaned over and said "admit it, most of the adults are, too!" We smiled and laughed because we knew that to be true! Well done, Davey!

- Patrick R., a photographer at East Somerville Main Streets' Carnival



Davey is great. We first saw him at a friend's bday party and my 5 year old son almost peed in his pants he was laughing so hard! The kids at our party (ages from 3-11) loved him. His act is varied and the finale can't be beat. He's also very laid back and flexible. For example, when the pizza arrived half hour late he continued to entertain with music etc.. and when my son's balloon surprise popped after Davey had packed up he unpacked and made him a new one. I can't recommend Davey highly enough!

- Rachel V., a satisfied parent in Belmont, MA



Fabulous entertainment for all ages!!!!-Davey was the entertainment at my daughter's 7th birthday as well as her 5th. He was so great the first time we invited him back again for her 7th. From the moment he stepped out of his car with his goofy big shoes and rode his unicycle up to the front door, the kids were transfixed. There was laughter in our living room for over an hour. Davey does a fabulous job of making the birthday kid feel special as well as including the guests as volunteers. While my one year old was a bit cautious, he was fascinated, and my 10 year old son loved it. My daughter laughed almost non-stop. I am not sure how we will top this party next year.

- A satisfied parent



Highly Exceeded my Expectations... Made my son's birthday party the best party ever!!! - We hosted a birthday party for my 3 year old son yesterday and Davey the Clown came to perform and had the kids spellbound from the time he arrived. He is a GREAT clown and I highly recommend him. When planning my son's party, I really wanted to appeal to a broad age group since we invited the grandparents in their 70's, to our friends in the 30's and 40's, to my teenage and pre-teen nieces and nephews, to my 6 year old daughter and some of her friends, to the 3 year old set, and even a 10 month old baby... Davey had EVERYONE involved, even the baby was transfixed. The kids just loved him and were laughing constantly!! and I can't say enough about Davey -- of all the parties I have thrown, this was my favorite. Part of it was obviously how funny and engaging Davey was, but the other part was that the kids felt comfortable around him and I think this is because he obviously knows kids well enough to know, that if you come on too strong they'll run in the opposite direction. He did not try TOO hard to engage the kids... he had just the right balance - it was perfect. In terms of planning, Davey was great. I found him through Google and emailed him and within hours had heard from him. He was great about confirming receipt of my deposit and then confirming the party again the day before. He arrived on time for the party and was ready to go. He posed for lots of pictures with the kids and was just a great sport about everything. Okay, I'm gushing... forgive me, I am still on a high from the party!!!! Again, I highly recommend Davey... we couldn't have been happier with his performance and my son absolutely loved it!!

- Mamadadapaige, a satisfied parent


Here is what the critics are saying:

'Excellent show!... Stupendous Juggling!... Most of all, I was impressed with the caring way Davey engaged the children and adults in his audience. It was Davey's show people talked about the next day.'

- Lucy Shollley, Director of Public Relations Boston Beer Company

'Davey has, by popular demand, been invited back to our annual Children's Holiday Party three years in a row! Children and adults alike all cheer with delight for this talented and highly recomended enterntainer.'

- Alyson McCartney, Human Resources Coordinator

Analog Devices.


Thank you so very much foa a wonderful performance. You were a HUGE hit . The kids were so captivated by you and your activities. 

- Erin Earley, Boston Children's Hospital



Highly exceeded

my expectations'

'Even the adults

were completely mesmerized.'

'He had just

the right balance.

It was perfect!

I highly recomend







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